Four principal components make up our comprehensive Immune Therapy technology platform, designed to work in unison to treat and/or control chronic infectious diseases, cancer and allergy:

    • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API):

We design (ANTIGENeering) our APIs to be specific, safe and effective. It consists of a single plasmid DNA (pDNA) immunogen ANTIGENeered to express several antigens, to contain molecular safety features and to release Virus Like Particles (VLP+) in the body of the patient. An API with these crucial properties is not feasible with protein or peptide antigens.

    • Nanomedicine – the product platform:

Product candidates are referred to as «nanomedicine» according to their unique biophysical and biological features. Our APIs are formulated with novel polymer excipients to synthetic «pathogen-like» nanoparticles. The nanomedicine formulation is essential to achieving potent antigen expression from pDNA and antigen presentation by dendritic cells. This is critical for the intensification of antigen-specific immune response in people with chronic diseases.

    • DermaPrep — the topical administration platform:

DermaPrep is a medical device for targeted in vivo delivery of our proprietary nanomedicine products to the dendritic cells of the lymph nodes via Langerhans cells. Dermaprep is a CE marked medical device.

    • IT — Applied information technology:

In-hose IT innovations have been supporting the discovery, development, manufacturing, and personalized treatment processes of our research. Our IT solutions address the rational antigen design, clinical trial and data management and matching of patients with optimal immunetherapy product.